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  • Are Hyllus species hard to care for?
    The species found in the hobby are native to SE Asia so do require good light, heat and humidity. While they are considered more advanced than say Phidippus regius, if you already have experience with keeping exotics then you should be fine. Please read the care guide on my Facebook page here.
  • Do you supply housing/food/substrate etc.?
    I only sell spiders, suppliers of food and housing can easily be found via the various Facebook groups out there dedicated to jumping siders. Please feel free to PM me via my Facebook page if you need some help with this.
  • Do you sell Phidippus regius?
    I'm afraid not but can highly recommend Jumping Spiders London for Phidippus regius and other great species.
  • How do you post a spider?
    Spiders are shipped throughout the UK in well padded boxes. They are sent via Royal Mail Special Delivery next day by 1pm. When the temperatures start to drop they are also shipped with a heat pack.
  • Do you ship to......?
    I only ship within the UK currently. I may expand out to Europe once the Brexit mess has settled down. I will not be shipping to the USA.
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